Tuesday, 26 July 2011

NASA Developing Long-lasting Food for Moon and Mars Missions

As NASA sets its sights on missions to the Moon and Mars, food scientists are faced with the difficulty of figuring out how to feed astronauts on long-term trips.
The end of the shuttle program allowed food scientist to start thinking of new ways to create food for astronauts on long trips.
One option being considered for missions to the Moon, Perchonok said, is growing fruits and vegetables on the moon in hydroponic gardens.
The moon and mars trips aren't planned until 2030 so we got lots of time to wait for a solution.


  1. Wow matrix food incoming.

  2. wow that's really cool, wont be surprised if in the next few years some cray invention comes out

  3. makes me sad that there will be no more trips until 2030 :(.

  4. 2030! sheesh, maybe our kids can check it out lol


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